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I-fratelli bij Storm

The boys from I-fratelli are a tight knit group of creative Chefs . Kai Campbell is one of the leading lights.
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Albert Heijn

Kai Campbell featured in Albert Heijn food magazine .
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When combining flavors it’s important to know your audience. The palate the strength of your ingredients. Looks are also important too. Both blend in to the art of good cooking.
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Creative cooking is all about daring to change the status quo. Going where none before you dare go. Or going to the same place via a different path as envisioned here.
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A lot of people claim to know the grill but very few are masters that keep them coming back for more. Juicy and flavorful with a that smoky….you know what just try it for your self . Festimi
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Cafe de pijp

Found this one online a report on  Amsterdam’s finest and hippest spots and guess who they turned to for their kitchen magic ?
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Festimi bbq

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In Early 2017  K.AI Campbell was invited to shoot the new KFC  Advert for both their fold it and their zinger bites. Enjoy.
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